AC600 • AC610 • Embedded Blue® DIN Rail Boxed Solutions X86 Industrial PC


The EKF Embedded Blue® DIN Rail series includes the AC610, a robust and fully featured industrial PC.

Key specifications and features of the AC610

  • Processor: The AC610 is equipped with an Intel® E39xx (Apollo Lake-I) processor, which provides reliable and efficient performance suitable for industrial applications.
  • Display and Connectivity: The industrial PC offers two connectors each for DisplayPort monitors, allowing you to connect multiple displays for enhanced visualization and monitoring. It also provides two USB3 connectors at the front for convenient peripheral connectivity.
  • Ethernet: The AC610 comes with M12-X Gigabit Ethernet connectors at the front, ensuring reliable and high-speed network connectivity in industrial environments.
  • Wireless Communication: The industrial PC is equipped with M.2 sockets to accommodate wireless communication modules. It supports Wi-Fi 6 (ax) and Bluetooth, enabling seamless wireless connectivity for various applications.
  • 5G/LTE WWAN and GNSS: The AC610 also supports 5G/LTE WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) functionalities. This allows for cellular connectivity and precise positioning information, which can be crucial for certain industrial applications.
  • External Antenna Support: The AC610 features front panel SMA connectors, which allow you to attach external antennas for improved wireless signal reception and transmission.

Overall, the EKF AC610 is a powerful and versatile industrial PC designed to meet the demands of rugged industrial environments. Its robust features and connectivity options make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including factory automation, process control, transportation, and more.

Embedded Blue® and Embedded Gold: Flexible Box- and Board-Level Boards for Industrial Applications

The AC610 is part of the growing Embedded Blue® and Embedded Gold family from EKF. It is available either as an Industrial-PC (Blue) or as board-level assemblies (Gold) with various housing options for stand-alone use or integration into control cabinets. These families are specifically designed for use in harsh industrial environments.

The interoperability of all modules within the EKF Ecosystem has been successfully qualified, allowing the families to be ideally combined with the 19″ families from the CompactPCI® / PlusIO and Serial® domains.