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Management System ISO 9001

Since 1996, EKF Elektronik GmbH has successfully established its quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and has been certified by TÜV Nord since then. All relevant norm revisions have been integrated since then, and the system is continuously maintained. This ensures that all work processes – from conception to production and testing – adhere to stringent quality standards.

Material Compliance

EKF Electronics hereby confirms that its products, in the course of development and manufacturing, adhere to the EU Directives 2011/65/EU (RoHS II) and the extension 2015/863/EU (RoHS III), which establish restrictions on certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

Our goal is to ensure that our products do not contain hazardous substances that could burden the environment. This includes substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and other harmful chemicals that are prohibited in electrical and electronic devices.

However, adherence to the RoHS Directive is not limited to the European Union. Other countries such as Switzerland, Japan, the USA, China, Norway, and South Korea have enacted similar regulations to restrict the use of hazardous substances and promote environmentally friendly products. Our objective is to cross-check the requirements of these regulations internationally and ensure that our products worldwide align with the respective material compliance provisions.


At EKF, we rely on a highly qualified engineering team that brings expertise in the design of electronic hardware and mechanical components. We understand our customers’ individual requirements and design projects with reliable delivery schedules.

Circuit design: from the use of fine-pitch SMT components in the 0201 range to large BGA components, we cover the entire spectrum

CAD-based PCB layout Mentor Graphics DxDesigner

Layout design double-sided multilayer board design

As an FPGA design service provider, we develop custom programmable logic for FPGAs as well as complete FPGA boards

BIOS customization: Individual BIOS extensions based on the Phoenix BIOS enable customized solutions

Our 3D design expertise creates innovative solutions that optimize functionality and implement sophisticated designs. We seamlessly integrate spatial dimensions for maximum performance

Partnerships: In close cooperation with the University of Dortmund and the FH Hamm-Lippstadt, we always have our finger on the pulse of technological development


Recently, the company essemtec has introduced three impressive product lines known as “Puma.” Each of these lines boasts 320 8mm feeder slots along with trays, achieving an impressive placement performance of 36,000 components per hour. This strategic investment ensures that EKF is optimally positioned in electronic production to support continued growth and the incorporation of the latest technologies.

With the introduction of the “best in class” solution in the market, EKF excels in automated PCB assembly using Pick & Place machines. This includes standard assembly but also sideboard and mezzanine assembly. Furthermore, EKF offers advanced HDI PCB design, currently supporting up to 14 layers, automated selective wave soldering machines, vapor phase (SMT / selective wave soldering (THT) optical AOI inspection, X-ray inspection as needed, and CNC milling machines for the production of customized front and back panels.

EKF also provides services for customizing chassis, front panels, and labeling to meet the requirements of prototyping and small-scale production. Component storage is managed in specialized dry cabinets, taking into account moisture sensitivity levels (MSL). Additionally, the company offers system integration, enclosure customization, installation of operating systems and customer applications, as well as customized system and chassis configurations.

EKF is well-equipped to meet the needs of its customers in electronic production, offering innovative solutions to address their specific requirements.

Product Testing and Qualification

All EKF products in serial production undergo thorough qualification in terms of design and manufacturability.

We test 100% of our manufactured products for the functionality of all components and devices using our proprietary test systems and software. Additionally, we conduct environmental tests in accordance with the standards EN 60068-2-1 (cold) and EN 60068-2-2 (dry heat). Each test is meticulously documented in corresponding measurement reports.

Only after successful testing can EKF boards be packaged for delivery. The shipment of our products to our valued customers depends on the satisfactory outcome of our latest functional test.

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