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Embedded Hardware from Mid-Range to High-Level performance

EKF, as a leading manufacturer of modular industrial microcomputers, designs and manufactures highly reliable embedded boards and systems for various industries. These industries include industrial automation, railway and public transportation, avionic and space, telecom and power, automotive, medical and extreme environments like farming or marine applications.

The broad product range, includes standard products as well as individually customized solutions based on the latest CPU and communication technologies. Customers benefit from in-house development and modern SMT manufacturing at the company’s headquarters in Germany.

EKF stands for fast project implementation, long product life cycles and high quality.


With the broadest portfolio at the market, EKF should be your first choice for CompactPCI®/Serial solutions.

EKF has leading roles in the PICMG® standardization group, driving new innovations and products, just lately releasing the newest version of CompactPCI Serial spec rev3.

A wide range of CPU cards (from high performance to low power) together with an impressive portfolio of peripheral boards provides an answer for nearly all industrial applications. Bridging modules and carrier cards allow hybrid systems, mass storage arrays and much more. Besides boards, EKF offers a wide range of standard and customized housings, from full 19” racks to customized boxes.  

Depending on the requirements of the project, e.g. I/O or memory options can be easily added, making system design flexible and cost-effective. If there are no high system requirements, the solution is already achieved with a single board CPU and side unit in a compact box housing.

Embedded Blue®/Gold Series

This EKF specific product-line is available either as an Industrial PC (Blue) or as board-level modules (Gold) with various enclosure options for standalone use or integration into existing custom systems.

These families are specifically designed for operation in harsh industrial environments.

The interoperability of all modules in the EKF ecosystem has been successfully qualified, allowing the families to be seamlessly combined with the 19″ families from the CompactPCI®/PlusIO and Serial domains, providing an ideal integration solution. 

In collaboration with our partners, there is also the possibility of cloud integration for the modules, enabling centralized management and updates of the hardware, as well as further processing of the collected user data. 


The increasing demand for space, cost and weight optimized industrial PCs combined with the lack of interoperability and flexibility of the current offering, formed the motivation for ModBlox7™. The newest standard from PICMG combine the advantages of modular systems (e.g. CPCI) with highly integrated BoxPCs.

The modular IPC standard allows for custom system configurations without expensive additional components, using standardized 7 HP units that can be flexibly combined. It offers versatile mounting options and enables redundant architectures for high availability.

This modular, scalable architecture eliminates the need for a backplane, enabling cost-efficient, freely configurable production in small, medium and large quantities. 

Quality Made in Germany

We take stable quality serious. Therefore we stick to our own production and development united under one roof at our headquarters in Hamm, Germany.  In our own test labratory we do environmental, performance and quality testing. In addition to that, we reliy on accredited and proven suppliers and partners.

We are certified to ISO-9001 since 1996.

About EKF – Modular Industrial Computing since 1972

Founded in 1972, EKF is one of today’s leading manufacturers for modular industrial embedded micro computers. Extremely robust boards and systems in Eurocard format have been the company’s core competence since ever.
Designed for applications in harsh environments, EKF products are used in industrial automation, transportation, medical, telecommuniactions and automotive applications.

As a longlasting player in the embedded market, EKF is active member of several associations and organizations just like PICMG, SPE (Single Pair Ethernet Industrial Partner Networks), Intel Alliance, EtherCAT Technology Group, FED (Fachverband für Design, Leiterplatten- und Baugruppenfertigung), PCI-SIG.

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