Rugged Wall-Mount Box • System Platform for Railway, Automotive & Industrial Applications

The SRS-12xx-BLUBRICK® is an embedded rugged system platform for a wide range of applications. The modular concept is based on CompactPCI® Serial, a well-established industrial standard for IEEE 100x160mm2 size CPU- and I/O-boards. The SRS-12xx-BLUBRICK® comprises a 3-slot backplane and a DC power supply suitable for either automotive and industrial or railway usage. The SRS-12xx-BLUBRICK® is available either as basic enclosure, equipped w. backplane and PSU, or turn-key ready configured with a CompactPCI® Serial CPU card and up to two I/O or SSD mass storage boards. The rugged box of extruded aluminium is provided with a mounting plate and available either for conductive cooling, or equipped with two fans for forced airflow

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General Information


  • Rugged enclosure for up to three CompactPCI® Serial bords (3 x 4HP)
  • Dimensions profile 260 x 73 x 150.5 mm3
  • Dimensions mounting flange 260 x 190.5 mm2
  • 4 x Mounting slots 7mm x 5.5mm, distance 229mm x 170.5mm
  • Any mounting position allowed
  • DC power supply for railway, automotive or industrial application with wide input range
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