CompactPCI® Serial CPU Card • Intel® XEON® W 11xxx (Tiger Lake)

The SC9-TOCCATA is a rich featured high performance 4HP/3U CompactPCI® Serial CPU board, equipped with an Intel® 11th Generation XEON® Processor (Tiger Lake H45 platform) for demanding industrial applications.

The SC9-TOCCATA front panel is provided with three 2.5Gbps Ethernet jacks for networking (2 x TCC/TSN capable) and three 10Gbps USB Type-C receptacles (DisplayPort Alternate Mode enabled) for versatile device and display attachment.

On-board mass-storage solutions are based on low profile mezzanine expansion cards, which accommodate up to two M.2 style SSD modules. One of the M.2 sockets is suitable for a fast NVMe (PCI Express® Gen4 x 4) module.

The SC9-TOCCATA is equipped with up to 64GB DDR4 ECC RAM. Up to 32GB memory-down are provided for rugged applications, and another 32GB are available via the DDR4 ECC SODIMM socket.

The 11th Generation XEON® and Core™ processors are accompanied by the RM590E mobile PCH, for a maximum of high speed I/O resources (e.g. PCI Express®, SATA, USB). Altogether with the processor, 25 PCIe® lanes in total are provided for backplane use, and another 8 lanes for local mezzanine expansion up to PCIe® Gen4 speed.

As an option, up to eight additional Gigabit Ethernet ports (either switch or NICs) are available via the backplane connector P6 by means of a mezzanine module.

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    Release Notes

    Release Notes for Phoenix UEFI/BIOS Firmware on EKF SC9-FESTIVAL

    This file describes changes, extensions and bug fixes made in Phoenix BIOS
    for EKF SC9-TOCCATA. For any further questions contact EKF at:
    Email : support[a t]
    Internet :


    2024-04-25: BIOS release, Build #072 production

    – Fixed a bug when BIOS detects a P2P bridge with HotPlug capability
    EKF boards SCX-PCIE (Secondary backplane controller) and SE4-TEMPO (Quad M.2 PCIe/NVMe)
    are equipped with such PCI bridges, i.e. these boards are supported now.

    – Added support to enable UEFI Network Stack
    Setup (F2): Advanced -> Network Configuration -> UEFI Network Stack
    Available options: Disabled (Default), Enabled
    If set to Enabled, UEFI PXE boot over IPv4 or over IPv6 network is supported.

    – Added support for PXE boot (booting an OS from network)
    Setup [F2]: Advanced -> Network Configuration -> EFI Network Boot
    Available options: Intel Ethernet, Disabled (Default)
    Supported Ethernet controllers are of type Intel i225 and i226.

    – Extended LED GP flashes for debug purposes


    2023-10-30: First BIOS production release, Build #070


Expansion Modules

Low Profile Mezzanine Modules
Low Profile Mezzanine Modules
Side Cards
Backplane Coupler


  • CompactPCI® Serial (PICMG® CPCI-S.0) CPU Card
  • Form factor single size Eurocard (board dimensions 100x160mm2)
  • Mounting height 3U
  • Front panel width 4HP (8HP/12HP assembly with optional mezzanine side card)
  • Front panel I/O connectors for typical system configuration (3 x 10Gbps USB Type-C DP Alt Mode, 3 x 2.5Gbps Ethernet RJ45)
  • Backplane communication via PCI Express® Gen3, SATA 6G, USB 3, Gigabit Ethernet
  • New AirMax VSe® backplane connectors up to 25Gb/s differential pair
  • On-board PCIe® mezzanine expansion option for mass storage modules or side cards
  • Side cards and low profile mass storage modules available as COTS and also as custom specific

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