CompactPCI® Serial Rear I/O Module for High-Density System Configuration

EKF expands its CompactPCI® Serial portfolio with SU3-ENSEMBLE

EKF, a leading provider of embedded computer technology, is pleased to announce the launch of its newest product, the SU3-ENSEMBLE. This peripheral slot card is designed for CompactPCI® Serial systems and is based on a PCI Express® octal UART.

Modular Isolated RS-232 & RS-485

The SU3-ENSEMBLE provides the flexibility of eight isolated transceivers that can be individually populated in any order with either RS-485 or RS-232 modules. The transceiver modules come with optional front panel connectors, such as RJ45, Micro-D, or D-Sub, to ensure maximum compatibility with your existing hardware.

Flexible Front Panel Options

The SU3-ENSEMBLE is available with either a 4HP or 8HP front panel, depending on the number and type of transceiver modules being used. For example, up to four transceiver modules with RJ45 and/or Micro-D connectors can be accommodated with the 4HP front panel, while up to eight modules require the 8HP F/P. Transceiver modules with a D-Sub connector may require up to 12HP front panel width, depending on the total number of ports, and are typically attached via flat cables.

In summary, the SU3-ENSEMBLE is an innovative solution for CompactPCI® Serial systems, offering unparalleled flexibility and modular design for your communication needs. Contact EKF today to learn more about this exciting new product.