Embedded Blue® • Single Pair Ethernet IEC 63171-6 SPE Connectors Adapter Module

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The international standard IEC 63171-6 describes connectors for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), 2-way (data) as well as 4-way (data + power). As of current, no breakout adapter cables are available for conversion between these two[1]wire and four-wire data connectors. The AL706 Embedded Blue® is an adapter card equipped with a 2-way SPE latch locking receptacle and a 4-way M8-Hybrid Single Pair Ethernet connector, both according to IEC 63171-6. The SPE differential data line is simply passed through from one connector type to the other. In addition, DC power can be added to or drawn from the AL706 card, via a screw lock terminal block.

If the M8-Hybrid 4-way connector is used as upstream link for data + power, SPE downstream data will be available from the latch locking 2-way connector, and power is supplied for attachment of a device to the terminal block in addition. Vice versa, with the 2-way receptacle used for upstream, external DC power can be applied to the terminal block, for downstream usage over the 4-way M8-Hybrid. As a manufacturing option, the AL706 can be equipped with a 2-way SPE data terminal block, as replacement for the latch locking SPE connector. The AL706 therefore is a simple solution for upgrading any 2-wire SPE equipment to 4- wire M8-Hybrid applications.

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  • Adapter PCB 58mm x 78mm
  • Single Pair Ethernet IEC 63171-6 connectors adapter card
  • 4-way vs. 2-way type connectors
  • 1 x SPE 4-wire M8-Hybrid circular connector (data & power), IEC 63171-6 (style 6J-M8CI)
  • 1 x SPE 2-wire latching receptacle according to IEC 63171-6 (2-way data)
  • 1 x SPE 2-wire IDC terminal block (option, replacement for latching receptacle)
  • 1 x Power terminal block 3.81mm pitch 2-pos, up to 1.5mm2 screw lock, input or output use
  • Typical input/output voltage (terminal block or M8-Hybrid) 12/24/48/54VDC
  • Maximum input voltage 57VDC
  • Applied voltage range displayed by four LEDs
  • Chipfuse 6.3A between M8-Hybrid and terminal block power pins
  • Breakout use – split SPE 4-way M8-Hybrid to SPE 2-way latch locking (data) and terminal block (power)
  • Upgrade use – merge SPE 2-way latch locking (data) and terminal block (power) to SPE 4-way M8-Hybrid
  • PCB can be mounted into 3U/4HP front panel

Simplified Block Diagram

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