CompactPCI ® Express System Slot Controller • Mezzanine I/O Companion Board

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Available as a mezzanine add-on companion board to the CCG-RUMBA card, the CCJ-RHYTHM enables the CCG-RUMBA to act as a system slot CPU simultaneously for both a CompactPCI backplane, and in addition a
CompactPCI Express backplane. In order to simplify system integration, suitable all-in-one (heterogeneous) backplanes are available from independent vendors, which allow insertion of classic CPCI I/O boards (left from CCG-RUMBA) as well as high speed CPCIe cards (right to CCJ-RHYTHM). The user profits from such a hybrid solution by combining low cost CPCI modules, available from numerous vendors, with the advanced features of CPCIe boards in a single system, thus providing maximum flexibility. The CCJ-RHYTHM will be attached on top of the CPU board, and shares its front panel typically with the host carrier (8HP front panel width in total). Interconnection between the CCJ-RHYTHM I/O module and the CPU carrier board is achieved by several expansion connectors, which comprise the PCIe (PCI Express), LPC (Low Pin Count), PATA/IDE and SDVO interfaces. The heart of the CCJ-RHYTHM is a 6-port 24-lane PCIe packet switch. One port is used as a link to the PCIe host (which is the ICH8M-E on a CCG-RUMBA). Four ports establish the CompactPCI Express system slot interface (4-link configuration pin assignments). The remaining port is used locally by a IEEE1394 bridge. In addition to its CPCIe system slot function, the CCJ-RHYTHM is provided with high-speed communication channels such as FireWire and USB, and common legacy I/O ports as well (COM, LPT). Optionally, a DVI connector allows for dual screen video operating mode. As an option, the CCJ-RHYTHM is available with a rugged on-board 2.5-inch PATA hard disk (or even Flash) drive. Alternatively, either a CompactFlash card adapter, or an 1.8-inch hard disk can be accommodated, as a mezzanine module, and in addition an USB Solid-State Disk (SSD) module. Another option available is the Trusted Platform Module according to TPM 1.2 for safety critical applications.

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  • Single size Eurocard (160x100mm2), needs 4HP (20.3mm) additional mounting space, typically delivered as a ready to use assembly unit including the CCG-RUMBA providing a common 8HP front panel shared with the CPU board, mounting position right (on top of CPU board)

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