Rear I/O Transition Module

Available as a rear I/O expansion board to the CCD-CALYPSO CPU card, the CCT-RIO is provided with several I/O port connectors, to be used either in addition to the CCD front panel connectors or alternatively. Being mainly a passive rear I/O transition module, groups of signals from the CCD-CALYPSO CPU board are passed across the CompactPCI J2/P2 connector to the CCT-RIO. Some of the data lines are available locally on the CCT board for system internal wiring only, while other connectors such as VGA-Video and Gigabit Ethernet are mounted into the back panel for external use. USB and SATA (eSATA) channels are provided both on-board and externally. Typically the CCT-RIO ist equipped with a 4-HP rear panel (20.3mm width). As a custom specific option, an 8-HP panel is available with additional connectors. Utilization of the CCT-RIO transition module adds a level of I/O functionality that is not available with the CCD-CALYPSO CPU board alone. Further on, swapping the CPU card is simplified by means of rear I/O, which is important for efficient system maintenance (MTTR).

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  • 80x100mm2 , back panel width 4HP (20.3mm), optional rear panel width 8HP (40.6mm) as custom specific version, back panel height 3U

Simplified Block Diagram

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