Low Profile 1U CompactPCI® Rack

With the CR1-RACK, EKF introduces a 19-inch 1U rack for single size CompactPCI® boards (3U Eurocards). The CR1-RACK is a low profile solution for horizontal mounting of up to three CompactPCI® cards and (optionally) rear I/O transition modules. Shelf mamagement is available as an option. The CR1-RACK system slot is well suited for accommodating a 4HP or 8HP CPU board such as the PC1-GROOVE or PC2-LIMBO, with an on-board mass storage unit and (optionally) a side card. Another two CompactPCI® peripheral slots are provided for additional 4HP I/O cards.

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  • 19-Inch 1U/84HP CompactPCI® System Rack
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