Front Panel Adapter Fits 3U CompactPCI®  Boards to 6U Systems

  • cr9

CompactPCI boards are widely available as single or double sized Eurocards. Typically, 19-inch rack mounting technology is used for CompactPCI systems, either 3U or 6U slot height.

6U racks are appropriate for both single and double sized Eurocards, thus allowing mixed arrangements of boards. The CR9-ADAPT is a mechanical adapter, extending the original boards front panel from 3U to 6U height in a simple and robust manner. The CR9-ADAPT kit is suitable for EKF CompactPCI boards, and also for several competitors products. It is available as 4HP (width 20.32mm) or 8HP (40.64mm) solution.

The CR9-ADAPT is a good looking, absolutely professional solution for using 3U CompactPCI boards in any 6U environment, with users needs for both mechanic stress as well as EMC criteria in mind.

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Furthermore, EKF offers custom specific solutions, including services as a system integrator. We can tailor any CompactPCI system to your special needs – turnkey ready!

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