CompactPCI Quad Serial Interface • RS-232 & RS-485 Across the Front Panel or by Rear-I/O

Still the most common industrial data transfer method: the asynchronous serial interface according to RS-232 and RS-485.
The CompactPCI® card CU4-SOPRANO is provided with a quad UART. The line transceivers are individually configurable according to either RS-232E or RS-485.
The quad PCI UART is compatible to the widespread 16C550/650 series. Drivers are available by download for nearly all popular operating systems.
The CU4-SOPRANO is suitable for a variety of industrial applications, e.g. data acquisition, PXI measuring systems or process control. All ports are directly available from the CU4-SOPRANO front panel. Due to the height of 3U, the board is provided with four RJ45 Jacks. Integrated LEDs signal status information. An external adapter is available from RJ45 to DB9 (D-Sub connector) in order to maintain PC COM port compatibility.
Each port allows individual transceiver configuration according to either RS-232E or RS-485/422 by a single jumper. In addition, all 4 UART channels are wired as TTL-level signals to the rear connector J2 (option). By employing the CU9 rear-I/O transition board and PHY transceiver modules (CU7 and CU8 series), all ports are alternatively available from the back panel.
The drivers allow arbitrary names e.g. COM4..COM8 to be associated with the ports of the CU4-SOPRANO.
The CU4-SOPRANO is a 3U board (single size Eurocard). For usage in 6U systems, the front panel expansion kit CR9-ADAPT is available.

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  • Single size CompactPCI style Eurocard (100x160mm2), front panel width 4HP (20.3mm)

Simplified Block Diagram

cu4 blk
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