CompactPCI® Express (PXI Express™) • PCI Express® Card Carrier

The EA4-COUNTRY is a peripheral slot board for PICMG® CompactPCI® Express systems and acts as carrier for a low profile PCI Express® Card. The EA4-COUNTRY is provided with a PCI Express® x8 connector (option x4, x1) and accommodates a PCIe® card with maximum dimensions of up to 176mm (length) x 68.9mm (height). Covered by a metallic hood, the PCI Express® Card protrudes with its bracket from the EA4-COUNTRY front panel, for optimum board space utilization. The EA4-COUNTRY complies with the PICMG® EXP.0 specification and is also suitable for PXI Express™ systems. For best performance, the EA4-COUNTRY should be inserted into a CompactPCI® Express peripheral slot type 1 or 2, with a link width of PCIe® x8 on the backplane connector XP3. As power path for the PCI Express® card, the EA4-COUNTRY is equipped in addition with the backplane power connector XP1, as defined for CompactPCI® Express type 1 peripheral slots.

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Application Notes


  • PICMG® CompactPCI® Express standard (EXP.0)
  • Carrier card for a low profile PCI Express® Card
  • Suitable also for PXI Express™ systems
  • Single size Eurocard 3U 8HP 100x160mm2, assembly extension through front panel (metal cap)
  • Suitable for CompactPCI® Express peripheral slot type 1 or type 2
  • Suitable also for PXI Express™ peripheral slot
  • CompactPCI® Express XJ3/XP3 connector/slot with PCIe® x8 link width recommended
  • CompactPCI® Express XP1/XJ1 equipped slot recommended for power (type 1)
  • Option on-board auxiliary power connector allows operation also in a CompactPCI® Express type 2 peripheral slot and PXI Express™ peripheral slot
  • Backplane connector XJ4 with F2 key for CompactPCI® Express & PXI Express™ systems
  • PCIe x8 upstream Gen3 8.0Gbps via redriver supported
  • Actual link size and transfer speed as result of link training (depends on PCI Express® card and CompactPCI® Express backplane capabilities)

Simplified Block Diagram

ea4 blk
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