CompactPCI® Serial to CompactPCI® Express (PXI Express™) Backplane Coupler/Bridge

The ECX-PCIE is a mezzanine side card for EKF CompactPCI® Serial CPU boards, equipped with a PCIe® Gen3 packet switch, on-board NVMe and SATA mass storage, and high speed front I/O.
The PCI Express® switch supports a CompactPCI® Express (aka PXI Express™) backplane with four links organized as Gen3 x4, thereby replacing a CompactPCI® Express CPU card. This enables a hybrid system which is comprised of two backplanes, CompactPCI® Serial boards to the left, and CompactPCI® Express peripheral cards to the right. The CompactPCI® Serial CPU controls also the CompactPCI® Express backplane via the ECX-PCIE mezzanine card.

The ECX-PCIE is suitable for EKF CPU carrier cards such as the SC5-FESTIVAL, with support for 8 x PCIe® lanes on a mezzanine board. The CPU carrier board and ECX-PCIE side card assembly requires 10HP common front panel width, and must be inserted into the particular system slots of two adjacent backplanes. While the CPU card fits into a CompactPCI® Serial backplane which has its system slot right aligned, the ECX-PCIE meets the left aligned system slot of the neighbouring CompactPCI® Express backplane.
In addition, the ECX-PCIE is provided with an M.2 socket for an NVMe (PCIe®) or SATA SSD module. Another socket is suitable for either a PCIe® Mini Card, or mSATA SSD. Furthermore, the ECX-PCIE is equipped with three GbE and three USB 3.0 ports for front I/O, which expands the native CPU carrier card I/O. As an option, the front panel can be provided with SMA antenna connectors for WWAN or WLAN operation.

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  • Mixed function mezzanine side card for EKF CompactPCI® Serial CPU boards
  • Form factor single size Eurocard (board dimensions 100x160mm2)
  • PICMG® CompactPCI® Express (EXP.0) system slot card
  • Based on new mezzanine connectors HSE1/HSE2 (8 x PCIe® Gen3)
  • Suitable e.g. for use with CPU cards SC4-CONCERTO, SC5-FESTIVAL, SC9-TOCCATA
  • 10HP assembly together with CPU card
  • 24-lanes PCI® Express Gen3 switch
  • Supports CompactPCI® Express backplane
  • Provides Gigabit Ethernet front panel I/O (3 x RJ45)
  • Provides USB 3.0 front panel I/O (3 x Type A)
  • Provides mass storage capability (1 x M.2 NVMe/SATA, 1 x mSATA)

Simplified Block Diagram

ecx blk
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