Mezzanine I/O Expansion Board • Multifunction Side Card

Available as a mezzanine add-on expansion board (aka side board) to the PC6-TANGO and successor low power CompactPCI® PlusIO CPU carrier cards, the PCU-UPTEMPO provides additional I/O functions available via front panel connectors. Some interfaces are also available as an option via rear I/O. The PCU-UPTEMPO can be equipped with two M.2 style SATA 6G SSD modules, up to the 22110 format, for rugged mass storage needs. The PCU-UPTEMPO front panel accommodates two RS-232 (COM port) D-Sub connectors, and one ore two USB 2.0 receptacles. As an option, two 3.5mm analog audio jacks (input and output) are available. The CPU carrier board and the PCU-UPTEMPO side card come as an ready to use assembly unit, sharing a common 8HP width front panel. With a 12HP front, another two RS-232 connectors can be provided.

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  • Mixed function mezzanine side card for CompactPCI® PlusIO CPU boards
  • Provides additional front panel I/O, on-board M.2 based SATA SSD mass storage, and optional rear I/O capabilities across the J2 backplane connector
  • Suitable for use with the EKF PC6-TANGO low power CPU board
  • 8HP assembly together with CPU card
  • 12HP assembly in total with CPU card and C32-FIO mezzanine

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