CompactPCI® PlusIO Rear I/O Transition Module

The PICMG® 2.30 CompactPCI® PlusIO specification defines standardised high speed rear I/O across the backplane connector J2, such as PCI Express®, SATA, and Gigabit Ethernet. The PR1-RIO is a rear I/O transition module for PlusIO systems, provided with back panel connectors for external usage, and also connectors for system internal cabling. The PR1-RIO can be used together with any PlusIO compliant CPU board, e.g. the PC5-LARGO. The PR1-RIO uses a special CPCI J2 connector, suitable for high speed signals. Two Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports are available from the PR1-RIO back panel, and in addition 2 x USB/eSATA via combo connectors. For system internal usage the PR1-RIO is provided with 2 x SATA and 2 x USB connectors. In addition, the PR1-RIO can be equipped wit up to four connectors according to the PCI Express® External Cabling Specification (PCI-SIG®).

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General Information

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  • Specifications

    • CompactPCI® PlusIO Rear I/O According to PICMG® 2.30
    • J2 High Speed Connector (3M UHM)
    • Internal Connectors: 4 x PCI Express® Cabling, 2 x SATA, 2 x USB, Aux Power
    • Back Panel Connectors: 2 x Gigabit Ethernet, 2 x eSATA/USB Combo
    • Long Term Availability
    • RoHS compliant

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