Low Profile Mezzanine Card for CPU Boards • New Mezzanine Connector Style (SC4-CONCERTO) Dual M.2 SSD (NVMe PCI x4 Gen3 & Sata 6G) Front Panel I/O USB 3.1 Type-C

Available as a mezzanine add-on expansion board e.g. to the SC5-FESTIVAL and successor CPU carrier cards, the main purpose of the S40-NVME is to provide a mass storage solution, by means of one or two M.2 SSD modules. M.2 (formerly NGFF) has been established as a standard by the PCI-SIG® and is very popular for industrial applications (IoT).
For optimum throughput the PCIe x4 M.2 socket can be populated with an NVMe type SSD. The other M.2 socket is suitable for a SATA 6G SSD.

The S40-NVME accommodates M.2 modules of variable size, starting at 22mm x 30mm (2230) up to 22mm x 80mm (2280), fixed by screw lock. M.2 SATA and NVMe SSD modules are available from several manufacturers, with a maximum capacity of 2TB as of current.

As an option, the S40-NVME is available with additional front panel connectors, augmenting the CPU carrier card connector front I/O suite.
Up to two Type-C receptacles are provided on the S40-NVME, for use as USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5Gbps) host ports (DFP). Dual screw locking Type-C cable connectors are supported. External devices attached can be sourced via VBUS up to 3A/5V. One of the Type-C ports is suitable also for the DisplayPort alternate mode and can be used as third video output. A switch fabric is provided for connector flip control and appropriate DP/USB signal routing.

The S40-NVME connects to the mezzanine expansion connectors HSE1 and HSE2 of the CompactPCI® Serial CPU carrier board, maintaining the 4HP (20.32mm) total assembly height.

The S40-NVME is provided with two M.2 (formerly NGFF) module host connectors. One socket is M-keyed, for PCIe x4 based NVMe SSD modules, and the other is B-keyed for SATA type SSD modules.
Both M.2 host connectors can be used independent of each other. Single and dual SSD operation is supported. The PCIe x4 SSD is suitable for demanding applications, controlled by NVMe drivers. The M.2 SATA SSD can be used as backup storage, or even as reasonably priced main mass storage device, and requires common AHCI drivers.

As an option, the S40-NVME mezzanine is equipped with one or two Type-C front panel connectors, basically to be used as USB 3.1 Gen 1 DFP (Downstream Facing Ports aka host). Both receptacles are suitable for dual-screw locked cable connectors according to the ‘Type-C Locking Connector Specification’.
The upper Type-C connector provides an USB 3.1 Gen 1 SuperSpeed port (formerly known as USB 3.0, 5Gbps).

The lower Type-C connector in addition offers ‘DP Alt Mode’ operation (DisplayPort video output).

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General Information

Ordering Information

  • Mezzanine module
  • stack height 10.0mm (low profile) M.2 PCIe x4 (NVMe)
  • M.2 SATA, 2x Type-C USB3/DP
  • add-on for HSE1/HSE2 mezzanine connector based CPU Module for SC4/SC5
  • Suitable for M.2 S1-S5


  • Proprietary size mezzanine module 84.3mm x 95mm
  • Fits basically into the 4HP (20.3mm) envelope of the CPU carrier board
  • Typically delivered as a ready to use assembly unit (including SC4-CONCERTO or successor CPU card)
  • Mounting position right (on top of a CPU board or CPU side card)

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