U.2 NVMe® SSD Carrier Board

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The SE5-CLUB is a peripheral card for CompactPCI® Serial systems, for use as a mass storage solution by means of an U.2 type NVMe® SSD, available with up to 30TB capacity as of current. The board is equipped with an SFF-8639 receptacle, which can accommodate a PCIe® Gen4 based 2.5-inch U.2 or U.3 drive up to 15mm height. The SE5-CLUB fits into any peripheral slot which is PCI Express® enabled. For best performance a PCIe® x4 backplane slot is recommended (e.g. fat pipe slot). As an option, the SE5-CLUB can be equipped in addition with an M.2 SATA SSD, and/or USB3 Type-A and RJ45 2.5GBASE-T front panel connectors.

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  • Peripheral board for PICMG® CompactPCI® Serial (CPCI-S.0) systems
  • Form factor single size Eurocard (board dimensions 100x160mm2)
  • Mounting height 3U
  • Front panel width 4HP
  • Backplane communication via PCI Express® x4 or x1 enabled slot (J1/P1 connector)

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