CompactPCI® Serial & CompactPCI® Express (PXI Express™) • Dual Backplane System Rack for Industrial Applications

The SRS-8442-SERIAL rack is equipped with two backplanes, left for CompactPCI® Serial cards, right for CompactPCI® Express boards (aka PXI Express™). In order to combine both worlds, a CompactPCI® Serial CPU with a mezzanine bus coupler bridge fits into both system slots, as a 10HP assembly. The rack is provided with two removable power supplies, one for each backplane. Three 120mm fans mounted in a drawer below the card slots care for optimum cooling. All components were chosen for high reliability, as required e.g. for industrial usage and rugged applications.

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General Information


  • 19-inch rack with CompactPCI® Serial and CompactPCI® Express (PXIe™) backplanes
  • Two pluggable AC power supplies 550W in total, wide input range
  • Dimensions 482.6mm x 177mm x 282mm (W x H x D), 4U/84HP
  • Bottom mount fan unit
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