CompactPCI® Serial Board Mount UPS

The SRU-UPS is a power backup unit, housed on a 3U Eurocard, suitable e.g. for CompactPCI® Serial backplanes or other 19-inch based systems. Intended for use in addition (in-line) to a PSU, it can be regarded as uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
The SRU-UPS can pass through up to 60W (12V/5A) from its power input to the CPU board and peripheral cards, reasonable for small to medium systems. When a power fail situation occurs, the SRU-UPS sustains full power on its output for >10s, sufficient for a normal shutdown of the operating system without loss of data. The SRU-UPS is also a backup solution for short power failures. During normal operation, the input voltage is forwarded to the SRU-UPS output with a small loss of 0.3V. When the UPS detects an under-voltage condition (11.5V) on its power input, output power will be generated by a DC/DC converter instead, derived from an array of on-board ultra capacitors.
The SRU-UPS is equipped with a PwrBlade® backplane connector. EKF offers suitable CompactPCI® Serial backplanes with two adjacent PwrBlade® slots for both a removable power supply and the SRU-UPS card.

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General Information


  • Single size Eurocard 3U 100x157mm2
  • Front panel width 8HP
  • PwrBlade® backplane connector (+12V DC input, +12V DC output)
  • +12V DC input via PwrBlade® P4/P5 (external cable assembly, from external power supply)
  • Option +12V DC input via PwrBlade® P6/P8 (custom backplane routing)
  • Custom CompactPCI® Serial backplanes w. dual power slots available, for removable power supply and SRU-UPS adjacent in-line

Simplified Block Diagram

sru blk
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