CompactPCI® Serial PCI Express® Optical Cabling • Host Side Adapter • Dual PCIe® Gen3 x8 • MPO/MTP Connectors

Most computer systems are based on the PCI Express® standard as a high speed backbone for interconnection of peripheral components with a host CPU. However, sometimes not all PCI Express® based devices are located closely in a common enclosure, and therefore need external cabling for merging distributed subsystems virtually into a single PCI Express® based computer assembly.
With the SX6-FIREWORKS host adapter for CompactPCI® Serial systems, EKF provides a dual port optical fiber cabling solution, which enables Gen3 PCIe® links up to 100m, delivering up to 64Gbps to an associated target system. The SX6-FIREWORKS is equipped with two MPO/MTP front panel adapters, for attachment of up to two remote (target) systems by PCI Express® Gen3 x8 or x4 links, via 24- or 12-fiber optical patch cables. Samtec FireFly™ PCIe®-over-fiber transceivers provide high performance signal quality with BER better than 1E-12.
Compared to other cabling solutions e.g. 40Gbps Ethernet, a PCI Express® Gen3 x8 link offers higher data transfer rates at lower latency. The SX6-FIREWORKS has been designed for operation in a CompactPCI® Serial fat pipe slot (PCIe® x8) for optimum performance.

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General Information


  • PCI Express® external optical cabling host side adapter, two cabling ports
  • PICMG® CompactPCI® Serial (CPCI-S.0) fat pipe peripheral slot x8 recommended
  • Form factor single size Eurocard (board dimensions 100x160mm2)
  • Mounting height 3U
  • CompactPCI® Serial backplane connectors P1, P2 PCI Express® Gen3 x8
  • Gen3 PCI Express® 24-lanes packet switch on-board

Simplified Block Diagram

sx6 blk
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