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7U Systems - 8 CompactPCI  Slots 6U

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System Rack for 6U CompactPCI  Boards

7U, 19-" CompactPCI Rack, 8 Slots P1-P5 Busprint (P3-P5 Rear I/O)

With the CR7, EKF introduces a 19-inch rack for double size CompactPCI® boards (6U Eurocard). The versatile 7U system is provided with 8 CompactPCI slots and has been designed for optimum air-flow conditions.

The CR7-RACK is a standard solution for vertical mounting of the boards. Equipped with power supply, floppy disk drive, hard disk and CD-ROM, the rack is well suited as an industrial computer system in a rugged environment.



The system-slot has been arranged right-most on the CompactPCI backplane. Located to the left, another 7 slots are available for adapter boards. The fan unit on the bottom of the rack forces a vertical air-flow between the CompactPCI boards.

Hence, despite of the low overall depth all components remain in a perfectly cool condition, and the rear mounting panel can be used for additional I/O connectors.

Technical Specifications
Height including fan unit 7U
Width 84HP
Depth 280mm
CompactPCI Bus 8 x P1-P5 (P3-P5 Rear I/O)
Power supply 400W 95-264V~ 47-63Hz
Floppy Disk
Hard Disk
Fan unit 1U 2 x Fan 12V 119x119mm
Air flow 2 x 137m3/h

technical specifications are subject to change without further notice

Front panel adapter CR9-ADAPT In order to use 3U boards with the CR7 rack, EKF offers the front panel expansion adapter CR9-ADAPT. This mechanical kit contains all parts required to extend a front panel from 3U to 6U.

Combined with a CPU board such as the CD1-OPERA or CD2-BEBOP, the CR7 rack is a powerful industrial computer. The system can be equipped with Linux or Windows® pre-installed, as a turn-key ready solution.

Furthermore, EKF offers custom specific solutions, including services as a system integrator. We can tailor any CompactPCI system to your special needs - turnkey ready!

CR7-XX-RACK (Custom Specific)

CR7-XX-RACK (Custom Specific)

CR7-XX-RACK (Custom Specific)

CR7-XX-RACK (Custom Specific)

Ordering Information
Ordering Number Short Description
CR7-1-RACK 19-" Rack 7U, 8 slots CompactPCI 6U backplane P1-P5 (rear I/O P3-P5), power supply, floppy disk, hard disk, DVD-ROM
CR7-XX-RACK Custom specific systems 6U/7U
CR9-ADAPT Front panel expansion kit, converts 3U CPCI board front panel to 6U
CD1-OPERA 6U Mobile Pentium® 4 CPU Board
CDX-RIO 6HE Rear I/O Transition Module for CD1-OPERA
CD2-BEBOP 6U Pentium® M CPU Board
CDY-RIO 6HE Rear I/O Transition Module for CD2-BEBOP

Additional options and ordering numbers see product information CD1-OPERA und CD2-BEBOP

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