ModBlox7™ – New PICMG® Standard for Modular Industrial PCs

Modular Industrial PCs with ModBlox7™ Standard: Combining Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness

Several manufacturers are collaborating to develop a new standard for modular industrial PCs, called the PICMG® ModBlox7™. The aim is to create a system that combines the scalability of solutions like CompactPCI® with the cost savings of box PCs.

Flexible Mounting Options with 7TE Modules

The ModBlox7™ standard is based on modules with a front width of 7TE or a multiple thereof. This allows for versatile mounting options, including wall mounting, DIN rail clamping technology, or 19-inch sub-racks.

Simple Interlocking of Modules

One key advantage of ModBlox7™ is that modules can be interlocked without the need for an additional backplane. Instead, the housing rear panel functions as a heat sink. The finalization of the PICMG® ModBlox7™ specification is expected in 2023.

Rail-Compliant Prototypes Shown at InnoTrans

EKF, in collaboration with Ci4Rail, recently showcased the first prototypes of ModBlox7™ at InnoTrans. The rail-compliant concept consists of a 7TE power supply on the far left, followed by a 14TE wide CPU module and I/O modules. The system allows modules to be hot-swapped without interrupting operation and can be expanded flexibly.

Modularity Offers Benefits for Development, Maintenance, and Scalability

ModBlox7™’s modular design offers many advantages, including reduced development costs, faster time-to-market, and simplified system maintenance. The scalability of the system enables easy expansion and upgrading of modules, so users can adapt the system to their evolving needs.

EKF Looks Forward to Offering Innovative ModBlox7™ Solutions

EKF is excited to be part of the development of this new standard and is looking forward to providing its customers with a range of innovative ModBlox7™ solutions that meet their specific requirements.