Front Panel I/O Expansion Board • 3rd Floor Mezzanine Module • Usage Together with CCO-CONCERT

The C32-FIO is a third floor mezzanine module with miscellaneous legacy front panel I/O, residing on the CCO-CONCERT expansion side board, which in turn is mounted on a suitable EKF CompactPCI CPU card. The C32-FIO provides two TIA/EIA RS-232 COM port connectors, two USB receptacles, and a Mini-DIN connector, shared for classic PS/2 style keyboard and mouse peripheral devices. With exception of two RS-232 transceivers, the
C32-FIO is basically a passive board. I/O signals are passed through the mezzanine connector J-FIO to the front panel connectors, using only some EMC filtering and ESD protection components. Typically, the C32-FIO and
associated boards come as a 12HP front panel assembly (this results from 4HP for the CPU (basement), 4HP for the side card (2nd floor), and another 4HP for the C32-FIO (3rd floor).

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  • COM-C 1 / COM-D 1 – Male D-SUB 9-position, TIA/EIA RS-232E, ADM211 transceiver, up to 230kbps, all handshake signals available
  • KB / MS – PS/2 style keyboard & mouse Mini-DIN 6 connector (splitter cable required for concurrent KB/MS operation, available from EKF)
  • USB – 2 X USB Type A recceptacle

Simplified Block Diagram

c32 blk
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