Mezzanine I/O Expansion Board PCIe to SATA RAID Controller

  • c23

Available as a mezzanine add-on expansion
board to the CCD-CALYPSO, CCG-RUMBA and
successor CPU cards, the C23-SATA provides a
number of additional I/O functions. First of all,
the C23-SATA comprises an SATA/PATA
controller, which is useful for system internal
attachment of mass-storage devices (e.g. hard
disks or SATA SSD, and optical drives).
Furthermore the C23-SATA is equipped with an
SIO, which provides legacy I/O ports, such as
serial COM ports, and PS/2 KB/MS. A secondary
Firmware Hub can be configured as alternate or backup-BIOS. Another option available is the
Trusted Platform Module according to TPM 1.2
for safety critical applications.

The C23-SATA will be attached on top of the
CPU carrier board, and typically shares its front
panel with the host carrier (usually 8HP front
panel width in total). Interconnection between
the C23-SATA I/O module and the CPU carrier
board is achieved by two expansion connectors,
which comprise the PCIe (PCI Express x 1) and
LPC (Low Pin Count) interfaces.
As an option, the C23-SATA can accommodate
a low profile industrial grade USB Flash disk
module (Silicon State Drive).
The on-board Audio Codec might be useful for
applications such as passenger information

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Single size cropped Eurocard (112x100mm2), needs 4HP (20.3mm) mounting space in
addition to CPU carrier board, typically delivered as a ready to use assembly unit (including
the CCG-RUMBA or successor CPU card), provided with a common 8HP front panel shared
with the CPU board, mounting position right (on top of CPU board)

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