Low Profile Mezzanine Storage Module

Available as a mezzanine add-on expansion board to the CCM-BOOGIE and successor CPU carrier cards, the main purpose of the C41-CFAST is to provide a CFast™ host connector for attachment of a CFast™ storage card, as a rugged and fast mass storage media, which can be easy replaced. The C41-CFAST is designed to fit into the 4HP (20.32mm pitch) envelope of a CPCI CPU carrier board. Further more, the C41-CFAST can be optionally equipped with an USB Silicon State Drive (SSD) module, or an USB type A host receptacle. In addition, two SATA connectors (latching headers) are optionally available on the C41-CFAST, for attachment of system internal drives by ordinary SATA cable harnesses.

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Suitable Carrier Cards
Alternate Low Profile Mezzanine Modules
Alternate Mezzanine Side Boards Additional 4HP Assembly Height


  • Proprietary size mezzanine module, fits basically into the 4HP (20.3mm) envelope of the CPU carrier board, typically delivered as a ready to use assembly unit (including the CCM-BOOGIE, PC1-GROOVE, SC1-ALLEGRO or similar CPU card), mounting position right (on top of CPU board)

Simplified Block Diagram

c41 blk
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