Internal USB/SATA Connectors Low Profile Mezzanine Module

Available as a mezzanine add-on expansion board to EKF CPU carrier cards, the C42-SATA accommodates a Solid State Drive (SSD), as a rugged and fast mass storage media. The C42-SATA has been designed to fit into the 4HP (20.32mm) envelope of a CPCI CPU carrier board, so that another 4HP pitch mezzanine expansion board can be stacked above the CPU/C42 assembly in addition. As of current, Micro SATA solid state drives are available with up to 800GB storage capacity as of current, delivering sufficient space for installation of any popular operating system.

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Suitable Carrier Cards

CPU Carrier Cards
Alternate Low Profile Mezzanine Modules
Alternate Mezzanine Side Boards Additional 4HP Assembly Height


  • Proprietary size mezzanine module 66mm x 97.5mm x 1mm
  • Fits into the 4HP (20.3mm) envelope of the CPU carrier board
  • Typically delivered as a ready to use assembly unit (including the PC1-GROOVE, SC1-ALLEGRO or similar CPU card)
  • Mounting position right (on top of CPU board)

Simplified Block Diagram

c42 blk
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