3U Low Power CompactPCI ® CPU Board

Alternatively equipped with the Intel® series of (LV) Pentium® M and ULV Celeron® M processors and up to 1GB RAM, the CC9-SAMBA is a versatile 4HP/3U (single size Eurocard) CompactPCI® CPU board, designed especially for systems which require low power consumption.

Available with a variety of processors, starting with the ULV 600MHz Celeron® M up to the 2.0GHz Pentium® M Dothan755, the CC9-SAMBA covers a wide range of industrial applications. The DVI-I video interface allows for attachment of both, advanced (digital) and legacy (analog) flat panel displays and CRT monitors (D-SUB connector optionally). The CC9-SAMBA is provided with a Gigabit Ethernet controller. An on-board socket accommodates either a CompactFlash memory card or Microdrive®, or an 1.8-inch hard disk module (option). The local expansion interface connector may be used to directly attach a mezzanine companion I/O board, which can carry in addition a 2.5-inch hard disk drive. As an option, rear I/O across the J2/P2 connector is available.

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  • CompactPCI Single size CompactPCI style Eurocard (160x100mm2), front panel width 4HP (20.3mm)

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