Mezzanine I/O Expansion Board • Removable CFast™ Storage • 4 x Rear I/O Gigabit Ethernet • Side Card Suitable for EKF CompactPCI® PlusIO CPU Carrier

Available as a mezzanine add-on expansion board (aka side board) to CompactPCI® PlusIO CPU cards, the PCL-CAPELLA provides front panel removable mass storage, suitable for either a CFast™ card or a Micro SATA 1.8-inch SSD (ordering options). Either a CFast™ card or mSATA module can be populated on-board in addition.
The PCL-CAPELLA offers a rich suite of rear I/O functions via the J1/J2 connectors, e.g. 4 x Gigabit Ethernet (NIC), 2 x SATA, 4 x USB, and 4 x UART. EKF offers rear I/O module design tailored to the customer needs. The PCL-CAPELLA can be used also together with CompactPCI® Serial CPU cards, but RIO is available exclusively for CompactPCI® PlusIO carrier cards.

The PCL-CAPELLA is a mezzanine side card, to be fixed on top of a suitable CPU carrier board. The pitch between carrier PCB and mezzanine PCB is 4HP, resulting in a 8HP common front panel for the entire assembly. Up to three mezzanine inter-board connectors are in use, for distribution of legacy and high speed I/O signals from the CPU carrier to the side board. These are referred to as HSE (SATA & USB 2.0 High Speed Expansion), EXP (Legacy Expansion), and PCIE (PCI Express® x 4). The mezzanine connectors are situated on the bottom side of the PCL-CAPELLA, facing towards their mating CPU card connectors.
With respect to the system backplane, it is recommended to have the CPU card system slot on the right edge, in order to prevent loss of a peripheral slot (the PCL-CAPELLA is then positioned out of backplane shape). The rear I/O option requires a single slot P1/P2 RIO backplane or similar custom solution in addition, and is available with CompactPCI® PlusIO CPU carrier cards only, such as the PC1-GROOVE and PC3-ALLEGRO. Rear I/O is not available with a CompactPCI® Serial CPU carrier, since the CPCI Serial backplane connector suite (CPU system slot) would slightly overlap the hard metric P1/P2 connectors as required for the PCL RIO backplane.

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  • Mezzanine expansion board for PC1-GROOVE, PC3-ALLEGRO
  • rear I/O J1/J2: 4 x GbE, 2 x SATA, 4 x USB, 4 x UART
  • front panel I/O: CFast (SATA) removable SSD
  • 2 x USB; additional on-board MSATA SSD

Expansion Modules


  • For EKF CompactPCI® PlusIO CPU boards
  • Typically delivered as 8HP front panel width assembly together with a suitable CPU carrier board
  • Provides removable mass storage options and enhances the rear I/O functionality of the host CPU
  • RIO not compliant with CompactPCI® Serial CPU carrier cards

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