CompactPCI® Serial • USB 3.0 Controller

The SB9-SKA is a quad port USB 3.0 controller for PICMG® CompactPCI® Serial systems. It is an assembly unit, comprised of the SK2-SESSION XMC module carrier card, and the DB4-EAGLE SuperSpeed USB 3.0 controller XMC module. The SB9-SKA is a CompactPCI® Serial peripheral slot board. Its 5Gbps (xHCI SuperSpeed) USB 3.0 front panel connectors are also suitable for attachment of legacy USB 2.0 compliant devices.

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General Information




  • PICMG® CompactPCI® Serial Standard (CPCI-S.0) Peripheral Slot Card
  • Assembly Unit Comprising Carrier Board SK2-SESSION & XMC Module DB4-EAGLE
  • Single Size Eurocard 3U 4HP 100x160mm2
  • CPCI-S Backplane Connector P1
  • XMC Module Carrier Board, Equipped with XMC Connector J15
  • PCI Express® Gen1 (2.5Gbps) or Gen2 (5.0Gbps) Supported
  • Bidirectional PCIe ReDriver/Repeater for Optimum Signal Integrity
  • PCI Express® Clock Buffer for Optimum Signal Integrity
  • XMC Module Equipped with 5Gbps Quad Port USB 3.0 Controller
  • xHCI Compliant Drivers Available
  • 3 x Front Panel Type A Connectors for Attachment of External USB 3.0 & USB 2.0 Devices
  • 1 x On-Board USB 3.0 Connector for Internal Usage (Option)
  • USB SuperSpeed, High-Speed, Full-Speed, Low-Speed Supported
  • Up to 1.5A VBUS on Each Connector (Electronic Switches for Circuit Protection)
  • Suitable e.g. for CompactPCI® Serial System Slot Controller SC1-ALLEGRO (CPU Board)
  • Suitable e.g. for CompactPCI® PlusIO System Slot Controller PC1-GROOVE (CPU Board)
  • CompactPCI® Serial Backplanes Available (Hybrid or Native)
  • Commercial and Industrial Temperature Range
  • Rugged Solution (Coating/Sealing Available on Request)
  • Long Term Available
  • RoHS compliant
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